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2022 European Winter Music Competition


Open to all instruments, Singers, Composers, Conductors



YOUTH: Up to age 6

JUNIOR: Age 7-9

TALENT: Age 10-13

ARTIST: Age 14-17

VIRTUOSO: Age 18-21




Video must be made within the last 12 months.

Free choice of 1 or more pieces, composed by any composer.

Instruments/vocals/conductors must submit performance videos.

For composers, submissions can be videos, or audios. The audio can be performed live, or played by digital software.

The audio/video should be of any duration but not longer than 15 minutes.

If the submitted audio/video is longer than 15 minutes, only the first 15 minutes will be selected to listen.



ECm Certificate Templates (8).png



Gold Prizes (First Prizes)

For candidates who reached marks 90-100

First Prizes E-certificate, the teacher can request excellent teacher certificate.

Name display on “EMA Laureates” Page.

*Ticket to enter European Music Award Final Grand Prix - 2022

Chance to order paper certificate and medal with an extra postage and production cost.

Silver/Bronze Prizes (Second / Third Prizes)

Second Prize: marks 80-89; Third Prize: marks 70-79

Second / Third Prize E-certificate. Name display on “EMA Laureates” Page.

Chance to order paper certificate and medal with an extra postage and production cost.

Special Prizes - Country Representative Winner

The highest mark player from each country will receive the title of 'winner presenting _ (name of the country)'.

Special Prizes - Artist of the Month

Candidates will have the chance to receive special przie mentions according to jury members' recommendations.

Candidate who receives the highest mark will become 'Artist of the Month'.

He/she will receive a digital poster design, which will also be posted on the European Music Awards home page and social media.

Note: There may be 1 or more candidates who win First, Second and Third Prizes, as long as the mark has been reached.

There will be only 1 Artist of the Month winner, and only 1 Country Representative Winner per country in this competition.

*This ticket can only be used for Grand-Prix entry and can not be exchanged for cash prizes.

All participants will receive e-certificate of participation even if not winning a prize.

Full rules and terms here