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Q: What is the EMA competition circle?

A: The European Music Awards Competition Circle is a combination of a series of sub-competitions and an online Final Grand Prix each year. Each member/sub-competition has different focus point - for example, some focus specially on Mozart / Chopin and some look for overall musicianship.

Q: There are different competitions every term, which one(s) can I enter?

A: You can enter any one or more competitions as long as you meet the eligibility. Please note some competitions are only for pianists, some are only for singers/violinists etc, and some are open to all instruments.

You can find out which ones you can enter by reading the descriptions under each competition.

Q: Can I list all the different competitions I win in EMA circle on my biography individually?

A: Yes absolutely.

Q: Can I use the same video to enter different competitions under EMA circle?

A: Yes, you can use the same video for different competitions.

Q: How are the marking system designed?

A: Gold Prize: 90-100; Silver Prize: 80-89 points, Bronze Prize: 70-79 Points. Player will only receive e-certificate of participation if not reaching 70 points.

Q: Do I compete with different candidates in different sub-competitions?

A: Yes, you will compete with different candidates who enrolled in that competition.

Q: Can I register with competitions and fill out the forms first, and send video links later?

A: Yes, just make sure you send them to before the deadline. You can always check the deadlines of competitions here.

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