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***Please Note this page is for the Annual Grand Prix only

If you are an applicant of the 2024 seasonal competitions, results will be announced according to the seasonal competition timetable

Senior Category

Annual Champion Prize
Carmine Catalano - Guitar

Annual ​Diamond Prize
Zhengyu Zhou - Composition
Salis Duo (Davide Baldo-Flora Vedovelli) - Flute & Harp
Mendelbaum - Piano
Ibertrio - Violin & Cello & Piano
Rafał Marek Wiśniewski - Violin

Annual Platinum Prize
Jia Shuhan - Composition
Dr Connor Mcquillan / Erwin Weerstra - Piano
Ludmila Pelahiy / Sohee Lee - Vocal

Guitarist of the Year
Carmine Catalano

Trio of the Year

Violinist of the Year
Rafał Marek Wiśniewski

Duo of the Year
Salis Duo (Davide Baldo-Flora Vedovelli)

Pianist of the Year
William Mendelbaum
Dr Connor Mcquillan
Erwin Weerstra

Composer of the Year
Zhengyu Zhou
Jia Shuhan

Vocalist of the Year
Ludmila Pelahiy
Sohee Lee


Artist Category

Annual Champion Prize
Rodrigo Landa-Romero - Piano

Annual ​Diamond Prize
Jinhui Liang - Composition
Daniel Beal / Yunseo Chang - Piano
Guo Ru / Nikolia Garoufalidou - Violin

Annual Platinum Prize
Leon Watanabe - Cello
Arianne Yijia Lim / Ian Lim Rae Jed - Composition
Siyue Chen - Oboe
Aaron Hsi / Swansea Siu - Violin
Hayoon Joe - Vocal

Annual Gold Prize
Abigail Yee-Ka Lynn - Composition
Felix Ma / Huang Li Yang James / Rashana Ram - Piano
Dahmin Lee - Violin

Pianist of the Year
Daniel Beal
Rodrigo Landa-Romero
Yunseo Chang

Cellist of the Year
Leon Watanabe

Composer of the Year
Jinhui Liang
Arianne Yijia Lim
Ian Lim Rae Jed

Violinist of the Year
 Guo Ru
Nikolia Garoufalidou
Aaron Hsi
Swansea Siu

Vocalist of the Year
Hayoon Joe

Oboist of the Year
Siyue Chen

Annual Creative Excellence Special Prize
Abigail Yee-Ka Lynn    

Annual Engaging Performance Special Prize
Dahmin Lee    
Felix Ma

Huang Li Yang James
Rashana Ram


Junior Category

Annual Champion Prize
Parson Tam Pak Shun - Cello

Annual Diamond Prize
Izabela Wiktoria Oliwia Torfs - Composition
Mirei Kuroyanagi - Piano
Hermione Lau Kanasook - Vocal

Annual Platinum Prize
Adam Huang - Cello
Mia Mallari - Drum
Peilin Zhao - Piano
Norah Reilly - Violin
Diya Satish / Pietà Myka Baca - Vocal

Annual Gold Prize
Aaron Kim - Clarinet
Hannah Huang - Cello
Chantelle Cowie - Harp
Annabelle Garcia - Piano
Dahoon Lee - Violin


Cellist of the Year

Parson Tam Pak Shun

Adam Huang

Composer of the Year

Izabela Wiktoria Oliwia Torfs

Pianist of the Year

Mirei Kuroyanagi

Peilin Zhao

Vocalist of the Year

Hermione Lau Kanasook

Diya Satish

Pietà Myka Baca

Clarinetist of the Year

Aaron Kim

Harpist of the Year

Chantelle Cowie

Violinist of the Year

Norah Reilly

Drummer of the Year

Mia Mallari

Annual Engaging Performance Special Prize

Annabelle Garcia

Dahoon Lee

Hannah Huang



Senior: Age 22+

Artist: Age 14-21

Junior: Age 13 and younger

*Free choice of program under 20 minutes, you can use the same video link submitted to the previous seasonal competitions

*Age should refer to the date of 20 Dec 2023

There's no application fee to enter the Annual Grand Prix, but you do need a "ticket" to participate. What counts as a ticket? It's any prize you've won from European Classical Music Awards over the year, such as the Gold Prize, Platinum Prize, or a City/Region Representative Prize. Remember to list the prize(s) you've won this year on your application form for the annual competition.


  • 1 x Annual Champion Prize will be awarded in each category.

  • Annual Champion Prize winners will receive the Winner Trophy.

  • Annual Champion Prize winners will be invited to the text Interview.

  • Annual Diamond Prizes, / Annual Platinum Prizes / Annual Gold Prizes will be awarded in each category.

  • Special Prizes will be awarded according to majors, such as 'Best Pianists of the Year Special Prize', 'Best Singers of the Year Special Prize' etc.

  • All prize winners and finalists will receive Annual Edition e-certificates and digital posters.

  • All prize winners teachers will receive annual edition teacher award e-certificates.

  • All prize winners, teacher award winners and finalists can order the medal and certificate package at an additional cost after the results.

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