2022 Cardiff Piano & Vocal Competition

* Country Representative Winner

Professional Category


Gold Prize
Connor McQuillan*, Ni Zhong - Piano
XiangNing OuYang*, Xin Chen - Vocal


Silver Prize
Elda Venturo, Qin Zhang  - Piano


Bronze Prize
Jean-François Fouché, Ma Lu - Piano
Rosa Celio, Annunziata Perelli - Vocal

Virtuoso Category

Gold Prize
Caitlin M Towell* - Vocal
Сhe Siyang - Piano


Silver Prize
Shibuya Ryushi - Vocal
Barbara Hill - Piano


Bronze Prize
Lucka Urbanová - Vocal
Chunlai Liu - Piano

Artist Category

Gold Prize
Letian Wang, LingHan Zhang, Yuanming Gao - Vocal


Silver Prize
Hironaka HISAYA - Vocal
Mylee Patton - Piano


Bronze Prize
Amina Hill,
HESTER HINES, Xiaomei Sun - Vocal


Talent Category

Gold Prize
Crystal Lee*, Zimeng Ye - Vocal

Silver Prize
Erik Anderson - Vocal
Darat Wannasarnmaytha - Piano


Bronze Prize
Shanai Lee - Vocal
Marni Lang - Piano


Junior Category

Gold Prize

Silver Prize
Sarah Park - Piano


Bronze Prize
Lea Wang - Piano
Alistair Pearce - Vocal

Artist of the Month
Caitlin M Towell